Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The little things called "Happiness"

That's right.
We are responsible for our own happiness.
Sometimes we often hear our family or our friends or someone we knows said that they didn't happy.
and sometimes maybe our self said that we didn't happy.
But believe me, this word is correct. Nobody can make you down if you not allow them to make you down.

It's easy to said. i'm also one of many people who said that we didn't happy for our life.
But we must change this behaviour. That's not correct.
I realised this after i'm read my first self motivation book (7 habbit for teenage by sean covey) when i was college student.
I'm learn something that nobody can hurt proactive person.
There is nobody can make you unhappy unless u give them permission to make you unhappy.

Today in my office, like a usual. i get something annoy me this morning.
there are some problem in my work. Myself is a technical support in some office in Jakarta.
My client is one of the three biggest telecommunication in Indonesia. And as technical support, i'm only work if there are some problem or there are some new project for my office.
Last Friday, there are some activity from another vendor which upgrade firmware for a server that being used by my office application.

This activity require to restart server. which means all activity in our server must been take out first.
and as i known, this take out activity is being done by our office partner. and there are some misconfiguration that made by our office partner (another office that had contract with our office and work as first layer).

On monday, our client give us a complaint regarding some decrease perfomance for our application.
when i troubleshoot this problem, i found that there are some misconfiguration was made by our partner office. so i fix the problem and then i told my office partner that there are some misconfiguration that they made. I help them to fix the problem and help them to cover their mistake in front of our clients.
They said thanks for my help. But after a few hours, i got email from our office partner that they give us an TR (Trouble Report) which mean our office get SLA notification. (SLA is aggrement that was use to charge our office for the problem that happen and need to be fixed as soon as possible).

I complain to our office partner. and they said that we need to fill the form and help them to answer this problem. I really upset for what they done after i help them to fixed the problem that they done. But since this SLA didn't give our office a fee so i fill the form to help them.

Okay. stop from this story. what the point of my story is that this condition can make all of my days been bad and unhappy. but i remember what i read in my first self development book that i must change my point of view. So i change my mind and think positively. I'm not let this accident broke my days.
and then i feel so relieved instead of annoys my day.  I reply them with my full support and think positively to do my best in my work. I believe i will get something good later for my work.

And now after finish my work and going home. and i think again for everything i'm done today.
i was proud of my self that i can be positive and not let my self in furry because of today accident.
and i feel really happy after doing something good today.

I believe you also can make your self happy when you get something that makes you unhappy.
you are strong more than you know. :)
May God bless your day



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