Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Installation Redhat Part II

17. Write Changes to data -> to write the changes of partition

18. Choose package that you want to use.
for Basic Server not contain GUI
for this example, I take Desktop package

if you don’t want to use custom to installation package, you can choose Customize Now (if you don’t want do custom, you can skip step 19).
19. Below is the screenshoot of Customize now display.

20. Wait package until finished being isntalled

21. Reboot the system
22. After Reboot, it will appear display like below, and choose forward

23. Choose Yes, I aggre to License Aggrement ( menyutujui Perjanjian)

24. Create User with password ( example for user student, we can use password student
SKIP RHN, if OS that we install don’t have subscription , we can’t use RHN).

25. Configure the time with correct Timezone.

26. Skip kdump, because kdump need a lot memory.

After that choose Finish, and you can use RedHat


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