Friday, November 22, 2013

Introduction to perl scripting

Perl is one of the programming language that most being used by system administrator to manage a server.
Perl is also most being used by hacker and cracker to explore a system.

Perl's History

Perl is Practical Extraction and Report Language. which was created by Larry Wall on 1987.
Larry create perl to make the report process is more easy.  But this program was well developed and become a programming language that most being used by system administrator, web developer, graphic programmer, network programmer, etc.

Installation Perl

In GNU/Linux Operating System, by default perl already being installed. 
and for Windows Operating System, we can use application program named Padre and strawberry Perl.

We will skip for the installation since we will use Linux for the testing.
For the first example we will create a program "Hello, World".
We can use vi editor to create the file. 
for the extension file we must give a named with .pl in back of file example,, etc.

below is the example script
[elvin@TestBed$] vi

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

print "Hello, World\n";
After we change the permission to execute the file
below is the result:

Hello, World

or we can use perl command

Hello, World


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