Thursday, November 21, 2013

Step By Step Cisco Router Configuration (Introduction)

Before we start to configure router, there are a few things that you must know.
Cisco IOS software provides two levels of access to commands: user and privileged for security purpose.
The unprivileged user mode is called user EXEC mode. The privileged mode is called privileged EXEC mode and requires a password.
Below is table that describes some of the most commonly used modes, how to enter modes, and the resulting prompts.
The prompt helps you identify which mode you are in and , which command are available to you

How to use Help
In any command mode, you can get a list of available commands by entering a question mark (?).
To know a list of commands that begin with a particular character sequence, u can use question mark in the end
configure connect copy
To list keywords or arguments, enter a question mark in place of keyword or argument. Include a space before the question mark.
Router# configure ?
memory Configure from NVmemory
network Configure from a TFTP network host
terminal Configure from the terminal
You can also commands and keywords by entering just enough character to make the command unique from other commands.
For example
u can type show command with sh
en to enable
We will explain more in other subject. :D
Hope this blog can help u understand more.


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