Sunday, November 24, 2013

Outbound with prima in BUMI Kahyangan

Today, i wanna share my outbound with my office in Sukabumi on 2-3 Nov 2013
The place is BUMI Kahyangan.
This is the third times the outbound i go with my office.

I really like this place. feels so natural. And so much games.
it little different with two outbound before.
My Big boss give rent some motivator in this outbound and give so much doorprize in this outbound.
Thanks Bos! :D
You are very generous and nice bos. :)

This is my games team in there. :p
although we lost in game. but we learn something great.
like teamwork, leadership and also friendship and we feel to be one big family. :)

i will never forget what i get in there. :)
is was very interesting outbound.
when the night, we got the session from motivator about our brain powers.
I want to share the session that we got from the motivator. but maybe in another post. :p

and for the tomorrow we got another games.
that is paintball. it was very scary games. a few of my friend get a mark in their body after being shot.
haha. but i love the games.
even though my team lost again in this games. but no hard feeling.
This is great my friend. love the games. If i can play another games again i want to play again.
Once again, i say thanks for my big bos for this outbound.

Btw below is all the picture of prima big family :p

i also want to say thanks for Bumi Khayangan team.
Thanks for the great support. This was the best outbound i had in prima. :p
For you all that read this posting.
if you want to go outbound. i recommend you to BUMI khayangan.
this place was nice and natural. even though the place is not so clean.
but you will feel the nature and the teams in there is great.


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