Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Be Grateful

Man never said enough.
wow.. that's life.
This morning, after i'm wake up. my aunt came home and talk with my mom.
And then she ask me how long i already work in my office.
A simple question and another next question is the simple that you can guess.
That's right.
How much is your salary?

and you can guess where goes the conversation.
She talks to me to find another job and don't stay a long time in one office.
and she said my salary is not high for my position and i should think about it again.
and then after a few conversation and i'm finished with my preparation, i go to office

When i'm riding my motorcycle, all of my aunt talks to me come up in my minds.
every dreams that i had appear one by one.
I want to had a better future, better income, had much time,etc.
There are no ends for our dreams. :)
And i realize that i must be grateful for what i achieve right now.

When i saw below, there are many people dreams to live my life.
There are many people want to had a better salary like myself.
My Lovely Father in Heaven reminds me to be grateful.
And I feel grateful for what i had achieve.
So i pray for a better future to Him.

I want to plan more about my life to make a better future and also create another target to achieve my dreams. :)
Thanks Father for everything You Give to me.
Please bless our daily need. Forgive us for our sin like we forgive the trespass.


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