Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hello World

Hi Readers..
Today we will start our first lesson about how to write "Hello world" in our Shell Terminal.

First of all, open your terminal and open your word editor.
in Linux, you can use command vi, nano,vim, pico, or etc.
but in this tutorial. i will using vi as our word editor

let say i give the file name is helloworld.
using command
[elvin@TestBed belajar]$ vi helloworld

After that we press i to insert the text and then we can write below text
echo "Hello World"
And then we can quit using Esc and then hit :wq to save the text

After that we must change the permission first before we able to execute the script
below is the command to change the permission file

[elvin@TestBed belajar]$ chmod 750 helloworld

and then execute the command
[elvin@TestBed belajar$]./helloworld
Hello World

For the tutorial vi editor and permission you can find below
vi editor tutorial
permission access


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