Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pre Installation Centos 6.0

Before we going to install the OS, we need to prepare a few things.
I'm using virtualization for installing this OS. I'm using vmware workstation to this tutorial.
but you also can use free software for virtualization. example virtualbox, vmware player, etc.

Below is the spesification for my installation:
- HD 15 GB
- RAM 2 GB at less or 4 GB

That's my specs.
For the virtualization, i using 1 GB for the memory. and 15 GB for the storage. 
i'm also using NAT for the network. 

We can change the using memory and network after do the installation later.
If we want to using full GUI installation, we need to use 1 GB for the memory.
But if we using 512Mb for the memory. we using basic installation.

For the network, 
NAT type is using different network with host and using host as gateway.
Bridge type is using same network with host. 
internal type is using different network with host.

Before we going to do the installation, we need to know first about directory function in Linux

/               -> it also called root directory. this folder was the host for all directory
/boot        -> to save file that needed for booting linux kernel
/bin           -> this folder contain the command standart text module for all system user
/dev          -> this folder contain device representation susch as hardware that using in PC
/etc           -> contain configuration file
/home       -> contain home directory for all user, except root
/media      -> for automaticaly mounting point
/root         -> for root user home directory
/sbin         -> contain all command text module for administration system


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