Monday, March 3, 2014

Finally can post again :)

Finally i can post again after one half month can't post since my handphone is missing and due project that i handled.
Very hectic day for a month, many complaint and i must pursue the dateline.
But very interesting, i learn many things about handling project for the first time as manager.
It was very difficult to become a good project manager, to handle the problem, to pursue the dateline, follow up user.

One thing i learnt for this problem is every happen for some reason. In a hectic day, i learn much about endurance, when handled complain from user i learn patient, and when follow up user i learn how to communicate with user. 
Thanks God for everything happen in me eventhough it was not so good (get a bad reviews, get a scold)
but in the end i had much experience to share with other.

Please bless me Lord every day and to face my day. :)
Sincerely your son.



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